“Who is really communal, you or I?” asks UP CM Yogi Adityanath.

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It is so easy to brand a person as a threat based on surface level news. By now we all know the criminal charges on Yogi Adityanath. They are ; rioting, attempt to murder, armed with deadly weapon, endangering life or personal safety of others, unlawful assembly, trespassing on burial places and criminal intimidation.

Now let me tell you this 2007 incident:
As it often happens, a minority possession turns violent and a hindu boy is killed in the shooting. Now minority possession going violent is no surprise, we see this trend so often. We saw this trend in last Nabi Diwas too. In Eid-e-Milad 3 states, Karnataka, Bengal and Maharashtra saw violence where religious possession turned violent. Compare this with hindu festivals, they are almost one a month. Do we see incidents of communal violence during those festivals? There are some lumpen elements in islamist community that incite violence and they get “secular” Government’s protection. The major muslim population has no role to play here, except one; they have allowed extremists elements within them, to take power.

Yogi Adityanath gave a speech against this killing of Hindu boy, that allegedly incited rioting in a part of Gorakhpur. Some vehicles were burnt, nobody was killed in this rioting. He also gave arrest and held a mashaal(torchlight) march against the killing. Most of the criminal charges on him are of that incident. Thus there is no murder charge on Yogi Adityanath, only attempt to murder and that too because of his speeches. Now you figure how much these criminal charges hold. And contemplate on one more aspect of the story? What of the young hindu boy who died in the first line of the story? What did he do to die? Should nobody ask why he had to die, or was his life a sacrifice that a hindu will have to keep making in order to remain secular?

At a time when Yogi Adityanath has been branded a polarising figure for defending the rights of the Hindus; it is interesting when Yogi Adityanath asks the parliament “why is the polarisation happening?”

Watch his explosive 2014 parliament speech here:

It is interesting that even this speech has been named as a communal hate speech in parliament right from media to politicians to all secular junta, though nobody questions the content of his speech. So we ask: Was he lying? Has telling the truth become communal now?

He further tells the secular parties ” You say you are secular but your agendas are based on communal divisiveness. “

Now, when PM Modi had to speak on shamashan and Kabristan, we need to understand this issue has deep politico-religious undertone. Yogi Adityanath says this on the issue in the year 2014 “

When people don’t have a roof on their head, 300 crore is being spent by Samajwadi Govt to build kabristan boundary walls. This is State sponsored way of offering land to minority institutions, certainly in return of vote promise. This when supreme court has clearly stated that no religious institution will be allowed to capture land, and here we see Government sponsored capturing of land. Now think when a hindu would see this happening won’t he feel alienated in his our land?”

He mentions other UP incidents in the video:

– “In Saharanpur, at the instructions of High court a Gurudwara was to be built, but it was attacked by islamic supporters.

Lone sikh warding off the rioters.


–  In Kanth district, Moradabad there are 4 religious institution, 3 mosques and 1 Shiva temple. The 3 mosques have loudspeaker at its service 24 hours.

An eye witness narrative of what happened:

“A loudspeaker was installed at a Shiv temple, It had been playing prayers regularly in the morning since last Shivratri a few months back. The prayers on loudspeakers were objected to by Muslims in the area who were using loudspeakers for azaan in a mosque nearby. The over enthusiasm of the administration in removing the loudspeaker from the temple was evident in the fact that the police force from several police stations was used for this task. Hindus of the village were lathicharged for protesting the removal. Matters were made worse by the callous handling of the situation by Deputy Inspector General of Police Gulab Singh who is former Samajwadi Party spokesperson Mohan Singh’s brother. The markets have remained closed for the last seven days in protest of the police action. Subsequently, the police disallowed a Mahapanchayat in the area and BJP leaders Nepal Singh (MP), Satyapal Singh (MP), Sarvesh Singh Saini (MP) and Sangeet Som (MLA) were arrested on Friday for violating prohibitory orders.”

He mentions the Gang-rape and forced conversion case of a 20 year old Hindu girl who taught Hindi at a madrassa. After severe pressure the woman finally gave in and withdrew the case.

Further Yogi asks that a CIT probe be held on these cases by a sitting judge so that the culprits and the political parties linked with these criminals be exposed.

Exposing Congress, Yogi Adityanath says “The sikh Gurus and the sikh community whose contribution towards saving and protecting India, its culture and its identity has been the most crucial, were attacked by the so called secular party congress and they claim to be secular.”

He asks “What is happening in Assam? The Bangladeshi intruders have become their own and the millions of native hindu population feels alienated today. In assam for 3 months the native BODO population was killed and attack, no-one in the parliament spoke.”
4 districts in assam face worst cases of violence because of Bangladeshi intruders. What about the lives of  Bodo inhabitants?” He was referring to immigrants- Bodo clashes in Assam. He says “Communal agenda is theirs, not ours. We just want that India be united.  BJP raised the slogan of ” Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas” and what was the slogan of secular parties ” Ali – Kooli” , to unite the muslim and kooli vote bank against others as a conspiracy to break assam. This is similar to “Meem-Bheem” slogan that attempts to unite dalit and Muslim vote banks. Thus one needs to wonder, who is talking about inclusiveness and who is being divisive? Is alienating Hindus not divisive as per the “Secular” code?
He states, “when criminal elements from a specific community are not touched, when freebies are offered only to to a particular community, when religious freedom of hindus is threatened, you are bound to get a back-clash from the deprived. What is so shocking in this backslash?”
“More than 12 lakh Hindu saints reside here, but only imams get paid by the secular governments, isn’t this a clear bribe to urge them to support a party’s political interests?”
20% of all UP schemes are fixed for muslims. Do these populations live on another planet? Then why separate out communities. Why not a uniform scheme for general well being?
He further asks why the charges on Terrorists are being taken back by UP government. He mentions 4 instances in support of his claim
 – terror attack on Ayodhya Ram mandir
 – Attack on sankatmochan Hanuman mandir
 – Attack on CRPF camp
 – Gorakhpur serial blasts case.
Yogi Adityanath claims that the terrorists caught in these cases, charges have been withdrawn by state government on the grounds of minority appeasement.Thus the question that should be asked is who is really communal?
He says” Hindu has been inclusive, not communal.
He quoted Rabindranath’s reference to Swami Vivekananda “If you want to know India, study Vivekananda. In him everything is positive and nothing negative.” And said “Swami Vivekananda was not from any party, he was not a religious bigot. He said, “proudly Say we are hindus”. And there are ample reasons to be proud. What is wrong with that? Which other community doesn’t want to be proud of itself, and why should hindus not be?

“Hindu has long been self apologetic, inclusive and what fate the hindu gets? He is massacred and thrown out of his own house and land in Kashmir. This was the first example in the entire world where within their own country, the native cultural people were thrown out of their own land. 3.5 lakh Kashmiri hindus were deprived of their land and made to live a make shift life and nobody talks about that.”

“When hinduism faces conspiracy towards its destruction, it is time the hindus unite. And it is the karma of these so called secular parties that hindus today have awakened and have united in resistance.”
Yogi Adityanath had proposed a bill in Parliament seeking ban on all kinds of religious conversions.
We need to understand that there is a real islamic extremist threat that this man has to deal with that the elite reporters and intellectuals won’t even want to think about because of their preconceived biases and prejudices.
Yes he has an army, a army bigger than any muscleman in UP, yet he has no land grabbing, illegal occupation, abduction, rape etc cases on him that is typical of many ministers in the passing Samajwadi Government. He did not exploit his powers.
Why does he have an army in the first place?

Yogi Adityanath has been at the target of extremists and has faced life threatening attack on His convoy by radical mob that attacked him with gun, sticks and stones. He was whisked away to safety. Yogi was on his way to attend a rally organised by BJP and Hindu Yuva Vahini to protest a meeting organised in support of SIMI activist Abdul Bashar after his arrest. So why did the mob attack yogi?

It is easy to pass a verdict on Yogi Adityanath, branding him a communal threat to India. What we need to ask is this: When you and your community is being constantly targeted, demeaned, and attacked whenever the minority turns majority in a region, and the Government is not much eager to help, instead it acts as an active party in the crime. what should a man do then? Give in to fate…. or fight back?




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