This incident is the first hand account of a victim of the fraud activities of Madhulika Singh, owner of Om Mega Films.

Madhulika Singh, who runs a media production house Om Mega Films, with office in noida, has a history of fraud cases on her in Andheri, Mumbai police station. Her society has claimed illegal activities happening in her flats, and has sent notices of the lakhs of pending bill that has been forcefully being withheld by Madhulika Singh with the intent of cheating them.

She, in connivance with her broker Mr. Dharmesh Thakur of Samarth Properties that operates out of Andheri west has been running this scam. They lure tenants to take their flat for rent and later the tenant gets to know of the illegal activities of Madhulika Singh and gets sent eviction notices from society.

When the leaves the flat, the owner Madhulika Singh as per her habitual practise cheats him as well. The broker who takes the tenant  a brokerage of Rs.50,000 is also in connivance in the cheating with Madhulika.

Despite several requests by the tenant to return his money, Madhulika Singh told him to go to court if he wants to get money. She bloked him from every network so she could get away with stealing.

Many tenants today face cheating by the flat owners who turn rogue. But this is a special case where the woman involved has a history of illegal activities and fraud claims on her in police stations. It is in the interest of people to beware of such elements in society.

Below are the proofs of the act provided:

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